8120 N. Hayden Rd, # E104 Scottsdale, Arizona 85258
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Our Mission

To roast exceptionally tasting coffee that can be reproduced with 99.8% accuracy. To offer a comfortable environment where diversity is respected, art is valued and music is appreciated.

Our History

The Village Coffee Roastery is one of the oldest independent coffee houses in Arizona and has a proud history of utilizing science and technology. Opened in 1996 by Craig Sellmen, a chemist, the Village was the first in the United States to employ technologies to minimize human error. In 2006 Craig retired and sold the coffee shop to longtime customer Lisa Stroud who had an extensive background in Restaurant Development and management. Over the last 22 years the Roastery has experimented with the finest Arabica beans from across the world, bringing out the natural essence of the region from which it comes.

We offer a comfortable environment showcasing local talented artists, free Wi-Fi and a knowledgeable service. Staff.  Join us for your favorite coffee drink or a bite to eat and stay awhile.

The Roastery celebrates diversity, encouraging free thought and the exchange of ideas. Over the years, many things have changed, but the traditions and values of the Roastery remain.

Our process

At The Village Coffee Roastery we pride ourselves on the coffee we provide to our customers.

We begin our process by selecting the finest Arabica beans, to produce the finest cup of coffee. To ensure that our customers receive the freshest and most flavorful coffee we roast multiple times a week. We utilize a Sasa Samiac roaster, imported from France, with the capability of producing 20 pounds per roast.

Our method is a patented scientific process utilized by only 12 roasters in the world, ensuring that we reproduce the flavor our customers demand every time.

Our passion and respect for the bean and its origin will be known with every sip.

Coffee Varieties

Our espresso is a handcrafted 5-bean blend allowing a multi dimensional flavor that is unsurpassed.

Yirgacheffe is considered among the finest coffees from anywhere in Africa. A complex flavorful coffee, with hints of citrus and fruit in the top notes, Yirgacheffe’s rich flavor is balanced by its moderate body, while delighting the senses with its aroma and lingering aftertaste.

The flavor of Sidamo is alluring and complex. Gentle floral scents waft from the cup, imparting a tart and a complex fruitiness. The crisp acidity gives it a lively finish and leaves you wanting more.

This coffee is noted for its resemblance to a dry red wine and full bodied presence. The flavor is amazingly layered with subtle hints of berry and mocha with an earthy backdrop.

Sumatra is noted for its lush, sultry earthiness. The coffee is full bodied, complex and delivers a smooth finish.

Mexico Chiapas Jacinto
Chiapas notes a mildly rustic sweetness with a brown sugar aroma. The coffee has a moderate brightness and is fairly short in the aftertaste.

Costa Rica
The flavor of Costa Rica is sweetly smooth, full bodied and pleasantly acidic. The coffee is noted for its nutty undertones, clean aftertaste and balance.

El Salvador Santa Leticia Borbon
This coffee notes a bold chocolate flavor with hints of berry in both taste and aroma. The flavor is delicate, bold, rich and clean.

This coffee notes a surprisingly rich coffee with a vibrant flavor. Guatemala is medium in body, with a sharp acidity and spice like after taste.

Village Blend
A 3 bean handcrafted blend. This blend is perfectly balanced and offers a smooth and layered flavor.

The flavor of Colombian is chocolaty and slightly fruity. This coffee notes a sweet aroma with a floral hint. This varietal is heavy in body and well rounded.

Tanzanian Peaberry
The Tanzanian Peaberry notes deep richness, the flavor is bright and lively. This coffee is Light bodied with a winey acidity. The Tanzanian Peaberry is an intense flavor for the palette.

Papua New Guinea
Papua New Guinea is a lighter bodied coffee with delicate notes, depth, complexity, and brightness. The range of flavors and subtleties of this cup give it a sophisticated character.

The deep-toned flavors and maple-syrupy body sets Celebes apart, and results in a stunning, clearer taste. Celebes notes low acidity, great body and a deep brooding flavor.

Panama Boquete
Panama is a brightly toned coffee with a vivid floral aroma and clean fruited note. This coffee is smooth, balanced and light in body with a maple after taste.

Brewing Coffee at Home

When preparing to brew coffee at home there are three important numbers that need to be established in order to insure a proper cup of coffee that is neither under or overdeveloped.
The first being water temperature (205°),
coffee to water ratio (2 tablespoons to 6 fl. oz. )
and finally the water to coffee contact time.