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    Brewing Coffee at Home

    When preparing to brew coffee at home there are a three important numbers that need to be established in order to insure a proper cup of coffee that is neither under or overdeveloped.  The first being water temperature (205°), coffee to water ratio (2 tablespoons to 6 fl. oz. )  and finally the water to coffee contact time.  Water to contact time is of course the amount of time that the water spends in contact with the water and this number has a window that you should shoot to stay within but you can adjust for taste within that window.  For drip filtration the contact time should be as close to five minutes as possible, for a French press the grind will dictate the contact time but we will get into that later.  

    Key Numbers

    •     2 tablespoons to 6 fluid oz
    •     205°water temp

    Drip Filtration    

    Drip coffee is probably the most convenient brewing method and after you have figured out how much coffee is needed all that is left is to adjust the grind setting appropriately as to insure proper water to contact time.  Water temperature is not an issue with current brewers.  As far as I know all home brewers are able to heat water to the necessary 205° temperature.  Finally, to set the time for your coffee just use a stopwatch and start it as soon as you push the brew button and stop it as soon as the coffee slows to a drip from the bottom of the filter.  Once you have an initial time adjust the grind setting to get the contact time to five minutes.  The finer the grind the longer the brew time and vice versa for a more course grind.  Once you know the proper grind just maintain that and brew your coffee every day to perfection!

    French Press

    The French press is my personal favorite, if you are not familiar with this process I recommend buying a 2 or 3 cup press. usually running $20 - $30.  


    • Grind your coffee on a course setting.  

    • At the Village we use a grind setting of “8”. 

    • Water temperature, to ensure proper water temp boil some water.  Remove the water from the heat source,  count to 5 and it will be 205°.

    Brewing instructions.    

    • Measure out the appropriate amount of coffee and dump it in the bottom of the press.

    • Stir the coffee and water together and then let sit.  2 - 5 minutes.  This number can be adjusted depending on how course or fine you grind the coffee

    • Press

    • If you are not drinking all the coffee right away I recommend decanting  the remainder of the coffee.   This is important because the grinds stay in the press pot and this will dramatically reduce the quality of your next cup.

    • Enjoy!