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    Featured Artists

    Bill Boland

    Bill is a local artist and a ‘regular’ at the Coffee Roastery. His artistic interest lies in rounded forms punctuated by blends of color. Just as a circle is a whole, Bill sees his work as a gestalt, or whole, though with detail. It is meant to convey balance and completeness.

    Craig Jacobs

    Craig Became interested in photography as a child, learning from his grandfather and father, both of whom were exceptional photographers. Both worked with 35mm, 6x6(centimeter) and 4x5(inch) formats. He initially began taking photos with film, and processing black and white, then progressed to digital in the late 90s. Some of Craig's other work includes graphic design and web development. He currently resides in Fountain Hills with his wife and their two dogs.

    Jameson Ketchmark

    Jameson Ketchmark is a self-taught artisan. Jameson found his creative outlet in working with ordinary and sometimes neglected natural materials to create original.

    Dohna Pearl

    Dohna stumbled upon photography in 1996 and prefers utilizing traditional photographing instruments. Dohna was able to assist Michael Gardner at the Desert Botanical Garden. With Michaels instruction she was inspired to work in black and white. Michael was instrumental in assisting her to cultivate her passion for photography. Mr. Gardner passed away but his voice and encouragement are with Dohna. Every step of the artistic journey is created by Dohna and her hope is that those view her work will see and feel what she did when she snapped the shutter.

    Heather Shafe

    Heather Shafe is a local public school art teacher and a frequenter of the Village Coffee Roastery. Heather works to remind children of the vast potential that they possess and appreciates the opportunity to explore different methods of expression alongside of them. The joy that Heather sees in the selfless expression of the children serves as her major inspiration.

    Christina Smith

    Christina Smith was born in India and attended art school in Norway. She first met success in Corsica with her artwork, and then continued selling many paintings in London. While there, she was commissioned by England's Conservative Party to do a portrait of Margaret Thatcher. Soon after, she married and had children, which temporarily halted her endeavors in the arts. She now lives as an Arizona artist, reviving her career in soul painting, acting, and her passion, singing.