Welcome to the Village Coffee Roastery!

    Everyday open from 6am until 6pm

    Our Mission

    To roast exceptionally tasting coffee that can be reproduced with 99.8% accuracy. To offer a comfortable environment where diversity is respected, art is valued and music is appreciated.

    Our History

    The Village Coffee Roastery is one of the oldest independent coffee houses in Arizona and has a proud history of utilizing science and technology. Opened in 1996 by Craig Sellmen, a chemist, the Village was the first in the United States to employ technologies to minimize human error. Over the last 21 years the Roastery has experimented with the finest Arabica beans from across the world, bringing out the natural essence of the region from which it comes.

    We offer a comfortable environment showcasing local talented artists, live music, free Wi-Fi and knowledgeable service.  Join us for your favorite coffee drink or a bite to eat and stay awhile.

    The Roastery celebrates diversity, encouraging free thought and the exchange of ideas. Over the years, many things have changed, but the traditions and values of the Roastery remain.